LostInBrittany's OOTS Gallery

This online gallery shows some of the drawings I've made in OOTS's style.

OOTS, or The Order of the Stick, is a wonderful onlinecomic that parodies fantasy roleplaying games (specifically, Dungeons & Dragons). The OOTS is made by the very talented Rich Burlew, and if you like D&D or roleplaying in general, you shouldn't miss it. Hey, you shouldn't miss it even if you don't like D&D or RPGs!

Western themed OOTS for Iron Avaterist Western

LiB Highlander


D&D 3rd's

Wild halflings

Harry Dresden

Trek-avatar for Amiria

R2D2 avatar

Bunny Girl

"Bye bye"

"I like beer"

Kingdom Heart's

"Bye bye"

Darth LiB

Haley singing in Saphire City

Haley Dion
2nd prize in Iron Avaterist OOTS Band
(trophy created by Dark Stalion)

Star Trek : the Stick Generation

The League of Extraordinary Sticks
2nd prize in Iron Avaterist OOTS Superhero
(trophy created by Dark Stalion)